People Behind Mad Logic Games

We believe in Quality over Quantity. Our design philosophy is simple: to create a “game” that takes the player through a story in the form of an immersive interactive show. Today, our games cross a variety of genres and have been downloaded by more than 1 Million people worldwide.

Krishna Teja
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Krishna Teja

Programmer / Designer

Programmer/Level Designer/Founder of Mad Logic Games. Developing super-fun casual games for Mobiles. I’ve been making games for half my life and playing games for longer.

Ujjal Santra
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Ujjal Santra

Game Art / Animation

Artist at Mad Logic Games, developer of rad iPhone games like Octu Run. Currently working on a secret project. Artist, gamer, designer, caffeine addict.

Debosree Sehanabish
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Debosree Sehanabish

Design and Marketing

Game Designer and Business Head at Mad Logic Games. Managing Content acquisition for the game distribution department.

  • BEST GAME EVER! I love it. Finished all the levels. Can't wait for more levels. I had a very enjoyable time with this game. Definitely Download!

  • I love this game. It keeps you on your toes. It actually challenges you. I would recommend giving it a try, hey its free so give it a try!

  • I was very skeptical since no one has reviewed yet. But this game is actually challenging. Lots of hand eye coordination needed here. Definitely a keeper.